Retail Work Experience Stories

"My first job as a university graduate. I suppose I should start reeling off a big load of information and using words such as scheme and placement, internship and many others that sound super exciting. But the truth is that the summer of 2008 was a horribly busy one for all my desired companies for whom I'd loved to have worked. I accumulated a stack of unanswered letters, unwanted CVs, emails, phone numbers, business cards. As an Art and Theatre Studies graduate I knew I wanted a job that required creativity and some knowledge. And that's when I landed the job as a make-up consultant with a premium cosmetics brand. Like most simple jobs its title is just dressed up to sound more distinguished. Anyway I was very proud to have gotten the job after the prolonged process. I was based in a large chemists store among other graduates with degrees in business management, healthcare and even a girl with a Masters in Modern Astronomy. Strange. But I really learnt that during my short time there that so many graduates face so much competition and rejection that they just take a job anywhere no matter how relevant or irrelevant it may be to their studies.

Money is tough stuff to get when you're fresh out of uni. Between us the girl with the Astronomy MA was actually rejected from a job at a research lab due to being 'over qualified.' Is that flattering or frustrating or just both at the same time? Thank God I didn't do a Masters I'd have given up all hope of getting my career long ago. My work there did have it's up sides; brilliant discounts, free stuff and just generally being surrounded by pleasantly smelling substances in pleasingly colourful bottles. But it also had it's less desirable sides especially for a university graduate, and it was all self inflicted. Everyday I resented my job, myself and the bored colleagues I worked with as they served customers with coughs, colds, lice, eczema and bad breath. I endured, for eight months, the mindless common gossip across the staff room table at lunch time, the stacks of magazines detailing the lives of idiotic celebrities as they put their bins out. I was bullied by my manager, a woman who was twice my age with the reading comprehension of a nine year old - no joke! She was as known as the 'The Pit-Bull.' Only behind her back of course. I suppose my story may be quite cynical and slightly bitter compared to others you may read but it's the truth. I am still today trying to find my way through a rainforest of options and trying to make decisions about my future.I have a new job. But that's a different story."