Marketing Work Experience Stories

"When I began my degree in English literature and media studies back in 2005, no one anticipated what graduating three years later would bring. Just before finishing university there was talk of the recession; a word new to me. By the time we took our final exams and began job hunting, it became more apparent that modern Britain was no longer designed for the large portion of graduated youngsters entering the work place.

I kept on my part time cleaning job whilst looking for full time employment. It was disheartening to receive a vast array of rejection letters but the secret is to remain positive. After a careers interview at the university I was pointed in the direction of their PR department, as I've always aspired to becoming a writer. Previous work experience in local newspapers gave me the material I needed to obtain this second part time role, writing good news stories about students, graduates and the university as an institution.

Now working three days a week and still not receiving word from full time employers, I decided to put my English literature background to good use by obtaining further part time work in a local bookshop for the remaining two days of the working week.
It took over a year after finishing my degree, hundreds of fruitless applications and juggling various roles. But with a lot of determination I finally got my big break, as an assistant in the marketing department of a global power tools company. The role has taught me a lot about the marketing industry and various methods of getting the message across to the target audience. This is something I've always felt passionate about and wanted to become a part of, and have never looked back."