Insurance and Actuarial Work Experience Stories

"What have I learnt in my first graduate job that I did not at university? In lectures, they do not teach office politics, tea-making etiquette, or ways of dealing with unruly managers! The quirks of office life aside, my first graduate job has been a real learning curve.

Not only has it been my first degree-related regular employment, but also the first time I have ever sat behind a desk and worked in an office. I arrived at university for a Disaster Risk management degree, with a culinary background, having worked as a Head Chef before, during, and after my university career.
Unsurprisingly, my first graduate job was daunting. From application, to interview and enrolment, it was fantastical, exciting and scary.

To compound these emotions, within one month of joining, my manager left for a 9-month maternity break and I was now in charge of our Corporate Risk Management department. Taking the reins has been a rollercoaster ride. I have realised the chasm that is the knowledge gap between those theoretical processes learnt in lectures and the day-to-day reality of running a department.
These things you have to learn on your own, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Moreover, the extra responsibility dropped in my lap, encouraged and demanded that I raise my game to meet the challenge.
A graduate job is a great thing. It is a remarkable journey and what I have learnt from colleagues, training and simply watching the giant machine work, will be invaluable to my future career."