Student Internship Opportunities

Every year GRB offer the opportunity to students nationwide to add a fantastic experience to their CV by joining the team on a two week Marketing internship between June-September.

You will be exposed to national Marketing campaigns; candidate attraction strategies; FTSE 100 firm recruitment campaigns; research; candidate search and selection, social media and much more. You will play a key role assisting different members of the Marketing team and take an active part. We expect you to contribute and suggest innovations and improvements to our business; bring fresh insights and use the opportunity to learn about recruitment in the real world.

Email me now at and APPLY to be considered for our June-September 2017 intake

Read about our previous interns and their experience with us!


Russ - Politics at the University of York

I have recently completed a two week internship with the GRB in Brighton and would recommend the experience to anyone interested in beginning a career in marketing or other related fields. I never felt like I was doing menial work while I was there, and felt a genuinely useful part of the business. I worked on website development and even had the opportunity to write my own articles for their website and help with industry profiling. Special thanks must go to Lizzi Hart and Dan Evans for their advice and guidance as well as to the entire team of recruitment consultants who supplied me with copious amounts of strong coffee.

I am also grateful to Chris Cater and Dan Hawes who have real passion and drive behind continuing the development of the business, who gave me the opportunity in the first place. The service that the GRB provide is something that I would recommend to any recent graduate looking to find work: personable, efficient, genuinely useful and with great results. I've learned a lot about the modern workplace while at GRB and I'm especially looking forward to helping out at careers fairs in the North East going forward.


Rianne - Sociology at the University of Leeds

The last two weeks I have spent as a marketing intern at Graduate Recruitment Bureau. I am very happy to say that they have been the most insightful two weeks for showing me the ropes within not just a marketing career but also working life. The marketing team have been so friendly, helpful and extremely willing to teach me as much as they could whilst I was with them. I greatly appreciate this as I have learnt so many skills to take away for the future. They supplied me with tasks that allowed me to feel useful to them and not just a spare part, and also sat down with me to explain each task to further my understanding.

I would recommend this company to anyone, both to work at the company and if they are looking for a recruitment consultant as the company are very focused on individuals needs. As a whole I feel like I was given an in-depth insight into the company and I am quite sad the 2 weeks is over! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that GRB has given me and thank them for how well they have treated me as an intern.


Rob - Human Social and Political Science at the University of Cambridge

I spent two weeks as a marketing intern within the Graduate Recruitment Bureau and it was without doubt one of the best places I have worked. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and welcoming. The marketing team were great and I was able to help out on actual projects and real work that ranged from writing articles to promoting the company at graduate fairs.


Phoebe - English Literature at the University of Birmingham

After spending two weeks as a marketing intern at Graduate Recruitment Bureau, it is safe to say that it was one of the most enjoyable work experiences I have had to date. Everyone working in the office was friendly and approachable, always making conversation and allowing me to feel welcome. I was provided with worthwhile tasks and felt that my work made a positive contribution in supporting the rest of the marketing team. I was given encouragement and explanation for all the tasks that I was assigned. I was also able to develop my writing skills as I wrote some articles for GRB's blog. It helped me to identify something that I really enjoy, boosting my confidence at the same time. I was very lucky during my time at GRB in that I was invited to a CIPD recruitment exhibition in London. It was great as I gained an insight into how the team deal with clients face to face.

During my time at GRB I feel that I was given an in-depth insight into how the company functions as a whole, whilst also learning about the marketing and advertising strategies that they use. I am very much looking forward to working with GRB in the future and am extremely grateful for the opportunity that they provided me with!


Kate - English Literature at the University of Bristol

Doing a 2 week internship at Graduate Recruitment Bureau was my first experience in an office - and it was great. Aside from the constant supply of excellent coffee and the tuck shop in the staff kitchen, the different tasks I was allocated allowed me to gain a great understanding of what marketing consists of. From basic admin jobs of replying to bulk emails to writing articles for the company blog, GRB ensured I acquired a great breadth of knowledge in my two weeks here. The atmosphere in the office is also excellent; the smart casual dress code and friendships between staff create an environment where even as a newbie I felt very much at ease. The marketing team may be small, but their efforts are clearly very effective, and so to gain an insight into how they do this was invaluable knowledge. For example, they showed me the importance of wording within an article - the significance of positivity and humour. They taught me the basics of how to use a database system, which stores all of their contacts, and I was even able to shadow the recruitment aspect of the company, so I could understand the exact services GRB offered. I was also given time and a little guidance to create my own LinkedIn Account, after seeing the importance of networking first-hand throughout my time at the company.Just being in this environment has taught me a lot about an industry that I may one day go into, a I have even signed up to be a GRB affiliate as a part-time job, such is  my enthusiasm. I was also able to learn how they are great company, keen to ensure their clients and candidates are aware that each correspondence they have with GRB is personalised, rather than receiving the automated responses that many companies use today.They also bought me a birthday cake, which may or may not have been bribery. Either way, it definitely worked and contributed to the great experience I have had at GRB.


Emily - Psychology at the University of Sussex

I have spent two weeks working in the Marketing team of GRB and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The work has been highly varied, from producing content for the website and scheduling tweets to helping sign up potential candidates at a graduate Careers Fair. Alongside the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the company, this has made my time with GRB a great experience.

Working here has given me insight not only into the marketing strategies adopted by GRB, but also into the way that the business is run as a whole. What most impressed me about the company was the integrity in their approach to matching candidates to suitable jobs.

GRB seem to really care about the candidates they are helping, and so their style is much more personal and effective than that of other recruitment companies I have experienced previously. This is evidenced by the number of successful candidates who are delighted that GRB have helped them into their dream careers. I would recommend using this company to anyone who is looking for their first graduate role - I will definitely be using their services myself after graduating.


Luke - Geography at the University of Oxford

An invaluable experience, GRB is a great place to work. In an ideal location right in the heart of Brighton (the perfect city for young professionals and students) and the people that work here are all so welcoming and contribute well to the experience both inside and outside of work. It has been really important to be flexible, making the transition to marketing from resourcing, but it's definitely good practice for being more adaptable in the future.


Amaya - Politics at the University of Manchester

GRB is made up of bright and enthusiastic employees, many of whom have recently graduated themselves making them best placed to understand what graduates are looking for. After working in their office in Brighton for 2 weeks I can confirm that all the staff genuinely care about placing the best suited graduate to a specific role rather than suggesting graduates on mass to fill the position as soon as possible.

From overhearing phone conversations with candidates I could see that the consultants really got to know their candidates' skills and personalities. On a personal level, doing an internship here was an enjoyable experience. The office atmosphere was always friendly and relaxed and everyone made me feel comfortable during my time here. Would definitely recommend using GRB to graduates looking for jobs after they have graduated and as a place to work.