Further Study and Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate study is an increasingly popular option, although deciding what to study, how you will fund it, how it will affect your employability and where to study are important issues to consider. Read up on articles about current views in your field about postgraduate study and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and not simply delaying your job hunting.  Increasing your employability should be your main reason. 

As well as this page, in this section you will also find information on:

Advice before you apply

- Make sure the course you decide to do is directly related to your career.  You may find that you are not given any preferential treatment and join the queue with other graduate for graduate training schemes.

- You may be out of phase with recruitment. If your project or dissertation is not finished until September, you may not be available for work when most training programmes start.

- Do you want to go straight into work, because if you have got a loan to pay for you need to consider this. 

- Your academic study may make your more of a specialist in your field, so it will be your responsibility to seek out appropriate openings - these will not always be obvious.

- Plan ahead, make sure you have a long term strategy this will ensure you can enjoy your course.

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