Freshers Advice

Welcome to our Freshers Advice Section. Here we have provided you with information on how to get a step ahead when starting at University.

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If you are a Fresher this section gives you helpful firsthand advice for your new life at university. Information includes clubs and societies, accommodation, glossary and extra advice about starting university.

We recommended that you start preparing for a graduate career as early as possible in order to take advantage of the opportunities that will be available to you. In this section you will find information on your first year, second year, third year, postgraduate information and combining work and study.

As a new student you may get involved in extracurricular activities and our marketing team are always keen to hear from students with a sponsorship idea that can increase our exposure on campus.

 Find out what they do and how they can help.

The demands of a degree can vary, find out what to expect and some of our recommendations.