Environment Work Experience Stories

"I am currently nearing the end of an internship I applied for in May. It is a two month placement, based in the Disaster Management Department of the Development Programme of an international organization facilitating aid at one of it's bases in the Maldives. I applied for the role because I want to work in the sector of Climate Change and Disaster Management and the Maldives internship encompassed both of these; both in the report that I was editing the final draft of and because of the impending risk associated with the Maldives in terms of global warming and sea level rise.

The role itself was very specific: I had to edit the final draft of a Detailed Island Risk Assessment for Maldives for grammatical and spelling errors (it is an 1800 page document!). This may seem like a slightly mundane job, but it was important as the report needs to be issued so that it can be used for implementation and further research, and also it was a great insight for me into disaster risk management reports and has actually provided me with some experience and expertise in this area now, as I know what would need to be covered in a future research project of this kind. It was also an interesting read as it covers my areas of interest.

I was very lucky when I arrived for my first day that one of my colleagues told me her mother-in-law had a spare room in her house and I could rent it for a very reasonable price, all food included! As I am nearing the end of my time here, I don't want to leave; the people are so friendly and the department in which I am working is my ideal place of work! Having spoken to the Head of the department, I asked if there were any permanent opportunities available or any chance I could come back and work on a project with them and he told me he was very pleased with the work I had done thus far and would like to have me back as a Consultant to work on a forthcoming Governmental project on integrating climate change adaptive measures to inhabited islands.

So not only have I spent the past two months fully immersed in Maldivian life and culture, enjoying their family traditions and culinary delicacies (and experiencing Ramadan and fasting for the first time!), but I have stumbled into my perfect job as a Climate Change Consultant for this organization! I am very much looking forward to working with this important department for the Maldives again in the near future, to gain more experience within this vital sector and to coming back to see all of my friends (and family!)."