Graduate Engineering Jobs In North

 Job Description Date Posted Location Salary
Graduate Flood Risk Consultant 16/04/2014 Any £comp
Thorite - Various Opportunities 02/04/2014 West Yorkshire £Comp
Air France - Graduate Jobs 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
Ferrari - Graduate Program 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
Volvo - Graduate Jobs 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
URS - Graduate Programme 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
ExxonMobil - Summer Placement 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
Bombardier - Student and Graduate Roles 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
Arup - Graduate Roles 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
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See the kind of Graduate Engineering jobs we have had in the past..

Graduate Software Developers - Immediate and Summer starts Closed West Yorkshire £18-20k
Graduate Software Developers - Immediate and Summer starts Closed West Yorkshire £18-20k
Graduate Field Sales Engineer (Mobile) Closed Yorkshire £27-30kDOE
Royal Navy - Careers Closed Any £Comp
Graduate Structural Engineer Closed South Yorkshire c£20k

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Industry Overview - Engineering

Estimated graduate starting salary: £16,000 - £21,000
Typical salary after training: £25,000 - £50,000+

Engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining the bulit environment around us. The training and specialisation involved in engineering may lead graduates in various fields such as electronics, defence, construction, science, research and IT. From the pipes and tunnels beneath us; to the buildings in which we live and work; and the aircraft and satellites that encircle the globe - all this and much more is the work of engineers and technologists.

Today's graduate engineers have to perform a variety of different tasks...

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