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 Job Description Date Posted Location Salary
Graduate IT Support Consultant 17/04/2015 London Central £23k
Graduate Management Consulting Analyst 17/04/2015 Warwickshire £25k
Graduate E-Learning Project Designer 17/04/2015 London £20-22k+
Graduate Analytics Consultants 17/04/2015 Cumbria £20k
Graduate Software Support Specialist 17/04/2015 London Central £25k+
Graduate Project Officer 16/04/2015 Cambridgeshire Up to£25k
Graduate Executive Search Associate - Financial Services 16/04/2015 London £25-30k+
Graduate Developer Consultant 14/04/2015 South East £25k
Graduate Technical Consultant - With French 14/04/2015 Europe £25k+
Graduate Developer Consultant 14/04/2015 South East £25k
Graduate Analytics Consultants- Pharma Sector 10/04/2015 Cambridgeshire £20k
Research Analyst - 12 month contract 10/04/2015 London £25.5k
Graduate Engineer 09/04/2015 Nottinghamshire c£24k
Thomsons Online Benefits Associate Consultant 07/04/2015 South East £Comp
Graduate Research Analyst 07/04/2015 London £25.5k
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See the kind of Graduate here Consultancy jobs we have had in the past..

Graduate Application Consultant - With French Closed Europe £Neg
Senior Retail Analyst Closed Hertfordshire £50-55k
Shopper Insights Manager Closed Hertfordshire £50-55k
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer Closed Manchester £23-24k
Graduate Application Consultant Closed Hertfordshire £26k

Consultancy Graduate Jobs

Estimated graduate starting salary: £25,000 - £35,000
Typical salary after training: £35,000 - £50,000+

Consultancy graduate jobs involve the process of advising companies (clients) on the practices that will improve performance, increase efficiency, save money or generate money within their business. Consultants would produce plans after a review of operations and strategy and are then responsible for implementing these proposals and training employees accordingly.

There are many different kinds of consultancy graduate jobs, from Management to HR and IT to Strategy. Within each subsector there are different industry practices, but all have a similar overall goal:  to add value to a client's business in response to a specific brief.

The largest consultancy firms ...

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