Aldi Graduate Scheme

Our graduate jobs aren't easy. But then who wants an airy-fairy role making the tea? (Although our tea is award-winning, but we'll come on to that.) In actual fact, we want our graduates to come in as a Trainee Area Manager and run their own multi-million pound business within a year. It's big stuff. And you'll get paid very well. But if you're doing it for the money, you'll be missing the point.


Who are we and where:

This is a business that's getting it right, and it feels so great to be part of it.  We all share the same passion and determination, a pride that we're doing things our way - and that it's working. We're the fastest-growing supermarket in the UK today and we regularly jostle for the top spot in the Times Top 100 Best Graduate Employers. We've also been the No.1 graduate employer of choice in the 'General Management' category for 6 years.

Join us, and you'll grow into the kind of leader you'll be proud of. Someone who's matured above and beyond academic study to take on tough, mind-stretching retail challenges. Aldi is different. It's fresh, it's better. And we like it. We hope you do too.


At Aldi, progression is based on merit. So we're always excited by new ideas and inspired by individuals who go the extra mile for us. Our packages are generous and we do expect a lot in return. But if you're the kind of person we want, you're already giving 100%.


Opportunities to travel the world

This is an unexpected perk for many, but a mark of just how vast our business is on an international scale. If you're performing really well, we'll suggest a European secondment. You might even be offered something further afield, typically within your first four years.

Training & Support

Your detailed training programme shows you just what you can expect in your first year. But we should say that you'll have our full support and commitment throughout that time. You're in at the deep end, but with the full confidence that we're right behind you.

A fully expensed Audi A4

Word's definitely got around campus about this great benefit. You'll get this on day one, but it comes as part of a tough and demanding role.

Health & Lifestyle Package

It's important to us that you feel looked after, now and in the future. You'll be given five weeks' holiday every year plus bank holidays. You'll also be part of our pension scheme, be given private healthcare (after 6 months) and life assurance.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all. As soon as you're ready, which could be in less than a year, you'll take full responsibility for three to five stores.

Who we're looking for

We wouldn't be this successful without recruiting strong-minded, brave people to share our ambitions. We do have quite a specific culture. You'll be learning your craft in a well-managed, efficient environment where everyone works in harmony with a combined sense of purpose. Responsibilities are crystal clear and everyone knows what's expected of them. To maximise your potential in this kind of culture, you'll need a particular set of qualities:

A 2:1 degree
This shows us you're not only bright and committed but you have a strong work ethic. You're excited by every new challenge that comes your way. Plus you've got the commitment to work a 50-hour week, which will include weekends.

Focused, resourceful and ready to drive productivity
You're always mindful of the bigger picture and can see how your efforts directly affect Aldi's success. You're a tough and resilient character.

That extra 'sparkle'
Bursting with charisma, you influence people around you with your passion and ideas. But you also treat your colleagues with decency and respect; you understand that we're stronger together.

A driving licence

Finally, if you don't have a driving licence you'll be positively beaming in your new car, yet rather stationary. Could be embarrassing.  

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