Graduate Advertising Jobs across the UK

 Job Description Date Posted Location Salary
Graduate Strategist - German Speaking 30/07/2014 Germany £26k
Graduate Marketing Analyst 29/07/2014 London £19k
Graduate Marketing Analyst - Norwegian or Swedish Speaking 24/07/2014 Shropshire £neg
Graduate Marketing Analyst - German Speaking 23/07/2014 Shropshire £neg
Graduate Marketing Analyst - Dutch Speaking 23/07/2014 Shropshire £neg
Graduate Digital Marketer - French Speaking 18/07/2014 London £20k+
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See the kind of Graduate Advertising jobs we have had in the past..

Graduate Web Analyst Closed London £21.5k
Graduate Trainee Conference Producer Closed Oxfordshire £18k
Graduate Trainee Conference Producer Closed Oxfordshire £18k
Graduate Digital Project Manager Closed London £22k+
Graduate Conference Producer Closed Surrey £23-25k

Graduate Advertising Jobs - Industry Profile

Estimated graduate starting salary: £15,000 - £25,000
Typical salary after training: £25,000 - £37,000

Graduate advertising jobs are very appealing to a range of degree skill sets and backgrounds. 'Advertising' is not easily defined. Narrowly, it means clearly identifiable, paid-for communications in the media, which aim to persuade, inform or sell. But the word is also used to cover a much broader range of activities - from design to public relations - by what are often the same organisations, using similar skills.

Graduate advertising jobs are not just in a single industry, but in fact spread across at least three separate kinds of employer organisation...

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