Accountancy Work Experience Stories

"Within two weeks of graduating from Nottingham University with a BA in International Economics, I landed a job with an international auditing firm in Russia and haven't looked back since. I have been working in audit for three years and not a single day is like the previous. Russia is growing very fast, demand for audit services is extremely high so there are opportunities all around to learn, meet people, work in some of the most amazing places and of course have a lot of fun.

Most of the time I am based in Moscow but travel is a big part of the job and so far I have crossed 8 time zones in a day, experienced extreme temperatures and have met some of the most extraordinary people on my travels.
But apart from globetrotting, audit is also about communication and negotiation with clients as well as numbers and analysis so there is a lot of scope to use a range of skills. Everyone can apply themselves in this profession whether you are good with words or numbers but you need the drive and determination to deal with tight deadlines and late nights at the office, though with a great team who support you and are always there with some good advice this isn't a problem.

One of the perks for me is the inside look at what the companies I work with do and how they do it. You can learn a lot about business, its processes, its people, what makes a business successful and what will lead it to failure. It is the valuable experience working with the real sector that makes audit such an interesting profession. It is also a job that is highly based on ethical business practices. This is important for anyone who is looking to work in finance as audit makes you understand what good business practices are and acting with integrity, honesty and bringing value to you clients becomes second nature. Such knowledge and ability to apply it opens up many doors of opportunity for those who have career aspirations.

The company I work for, who supply audit services, is excellent as an employer in the field. They provide the work atmosphere where learning is a big part of the life you live. You are always striving to grow and to develop in a team of friendly and knowledgeable colleagues. This greatly contributes to the whole experience and helps when as a graduate you first sit down at your laptop, open up your ACCA books and meet you first client."


"Hello, yes, I'm calling from MoneyBags LLP, we're pleased to offer you the job". After all those hours filling out interminable and identical online application forms; the stress of the interviews and wooden conversations about how you've shown leadership and discussed of your weaknesses; the assessment days alongside others of your kind, politely jostling for position, masking tremendous nerves with a casual smile and a sweating forehead, you get the call from HR you dreamt of: it's done; you've got that graduate job you so desperately wanted, well done! These days that's especially 'well done' in the midst of burgeoning numbers of unemployed graduates and a flat economy. You've got the ticket to success; Ferraris and girls and cash and champagne.. well, unfortunately there aren't too many graduate jobs on offer with 50 Cent this year and in reality most graduate jobs aren't the get rich quick scheme they seem when you're applying. Mine certainly isn't. I've been here about 18 months and, don't get me wrong, for many reasons it is a great job: good money; good training; good people; good prospects. But the truth is that it's harder, more boring and more stressful than I expected. It's important to come to terms with the fact that graduate jobs in general, although sought after and well worth fighting for, are simply less fun than being at university."